Protect Photos from Fading – get Pictures on Canvas

Printers who have been developing or printing pictures from years have always noticed that the some of the images just fade away with time and lose their genuine appearance. The ink and dye used to print the image on the paper is exposed constantly to the air and environmental heat.

Even if covered with glass and framed these won’t last for more than 5 years and eventually turns yellow owing to acid attack from air. However, turning a photo to canvas would increase the life of a photo to hundred years. The frame made from moisture resistant wood and canvas coated with protective layers can be an everlasting piece of art.

Ever wondered how the archaeologists find the paintings from the vanished civilizations that are still appealing and reflect the art from ancient times? The canvas material and inks used are so durable that if well protected these may be shown to future generations.

Not only this, the canvas prints add to ambience and decoration of the house. These may be used outdoors or indoors as well. The photos onto canvas is not a new thing. Artists from the past have been painting manually but now with the advancement in the digital printing technologies and access to high resolution cameras one can easily order photo prints on canvas online from Canvas Designz. The printer used by the company is professional grade Epson printer with archival inks that minutely print the details and the end product is sharp, clear and appealing.

The canvas prints are easily mounted on the wooden frames that can be hung in the rooms. The total job is done by professionals with an experience over 10 years and the edges are so clear that one can’t just differentiate the canvas folded on the edges. The images are cheap canvas prints and can be ordered for as low as 10 GBP.